Welcome to Footwear Plus

We have been handcrafting footwear and accessories for
over 50 years and pride ourselves on our ability to make high
quality leather shoes with the comfort and style that you and
your customers deserve.

We use the best quality leather and components that we can source. Our reasonable prices coupled with the exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship mean that our footwear offers exceptional value for money.

Australian Made
Our footwear is Australian Made in South Australia. Our components are sourced from Australian suppliers wherever possible. We are proud to be Australian and proud to provide employment to our fellow Australians.

Made to Fit
Our ranges come in a range of widths as standard and we are able to handcraft footwear to fit any size and shape feet. We handcraft a range of medical and specialist footwear for people with specific and unique requirements. We craft orthotics to help solve a range of foot problems and can also modify shoes to accomodate leg length differences and rocker sole requirements.